Brute force VNC crack

Jonathan Morton chromi "at"
Fri, 18 Aug 2000 15:26:56 +0000

>I'm not sure changing the encryption key would prevent brute-force attempts.
>Think of it this way:
>Using the "modified" version of VNC I tell VNC that my password is 'george'
>and this gets encrypted to 'gracie' (I know it would be a mess of hex, but
>this is easier) Your argument says that when I attempt to encrypt 'george'
>on the standard VNC viewer I won't get 'gracie' and as such I won't be able
>to issue the correct response to the challenge, and you are correct.
>However, this is a brute force attempt and at some point I am going to
>encrypt 'oldtimer' and that will be encrypted to 'gracie' and then I will be
>able to answer the server's challenge.
>Now I think your password is 'oldtimer' and your password is 'george' but it
>doesn't really matter because I have access to your machine anyway.

I don't know the mathematical intricacies of the encryption used for the
challenge/response.  But I do know that the 8-byte password is used as a
key to encrypt a 16-byte random challenge, with the "encryption key" used
as an extra seed.  Changing the seed would produce a different combination
out of (8*16 =) 128 bits of challenge, which you then have to rely on a
'chance' match in one of the combinations available in (8*8 =) 64 bits of
password.  Only in extremely rare circumstances will this match be
available, and it could be fixed easily by changing the key again.

An obvious side-effect of changing the key, is that it has to be changed on
both ends of the connection.  If this key is kept secret, it would have to
be brute-forced at the same time as the password, giving noticeably better
security.  Perhaps it would be a good idea to allow configuration of the
DES key, as an "advanced" option in viewers and servers?  This would be a
good way of increasing security without breaking the protocol.

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