dial-up activates on start of vncviwer

Frank J. Andersen frank.j.a "at" iname.com
Fri, 18 Aug 2000 10:43:28 +0000

I've installed vncviewer (v. 3.3.7) on my Win98, and vnc server on a win95.
I'm running a lan using TCP/IP (for internet access sharing) and NetBEUI
(local LAN services). The Win98 is the one with ISDN dial up connection to

When I start the viewer on the Win98 machine it triggers a dial up to the
ISP... It seems as if I can cancel the dial up without effect.

I've looked for help in archives and FAQ - the closest match was a thread last
year describing triggering dial-up but on the server. No help there..
Something mentioned about binding - but the protocol is utomatically bound to
the adapter, and no (MS)services run using TCP/IP.

Can anyone help on this one ???

..another problem is that vnc server and my internetshare program conflicts,
so if I want to access the Win98 from another machine in the LAN, I have to
disable the internetshare... but I can live with that, as I am fully able to
remote control IE and other programs...

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