Harmen van der Wal harmen.wal "at" tip.nl
Fri, 18 Aug 2000 00:40:05 +0000

Krishna Behara wrote:
> Hi ,
> Actually the situation is that, to get into the company's network
> we have to telnet to a authentication server which authenticates
> us and then provides us a prompt from which we can telnet to a
> particular machine.
> So I guess what may need to be done, (this may not make sense),
> is to have an extension to WinVNC server to understand the
> telnet protocol for receiving and sending, and also the VNCViewer
> to be able to use the telnet protocol.
> If there is already some kind of solution to this could someone please
> let me know.

Just let your vncserver listen to port 23 ( instead of 5900, 5901 etc). 
That's what Peter (does he pierce his own firewalls, or what?)

Alternatively, there's a number of ways to tunnel VNC. But HTTPort does
not require you to run a webserver. Nor does a telnet-tunnel require VNC
to be able to talk telnet itself.

If you weren't happy with the Java applet, but it did actually work,
consider giving HTTPort a try. And it wouldn't be to hard to modify your
native viewer to do the trick also.

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