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Antong Kwok antongk "at"
Thu, 17 Aug 2000 18:41:38 +0000

Do you have this kind of dream?

Of course VNC people agree that innovation of internet give us more
advantages, rather than disadvantages. The revolutionary of VNC that
running in differences of OS platform become a standard remote software
up to now, I believe :)

Nowadays, many internet applications allow people around the world to
build communities in difference of ways. Those are News Group,
MessageBoard, Instant Messaging, WebChat, Download Utilities, User to
User Exchange community, (allow you to share
files), etc. you can name it more!.

All of this is fun and give advantages. I identify the keyword is
'SHARE', "JOY" and "FUN".

The idea is VNC developer's team build one or more servers online and
stand-by some vnc-channels to those internet-vnc-clients around the world
to connect in. Imaging, that those people in the same channel can share
thoughts, idea and joyful perhaps could help each others.
We can name it as VNC Community that can share 'desktop view' directly
from one desktop to another but it need to be user-oriented. Perhaps
somebody still think that current VNC version is not user-oriented yet.
Feel free to share your brilliant opinions anything about disadvantages
or advantages, that will direct us to make this idea might be feasible.
There are many like: security, performance, user friendly.


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