Registry update failure

Kerry A. Wilson kwilson "at"
Thu, 17 Aug 2000 15:40:57 +0000

Server: Windows NT 4.0
Workstations:   Windows 95/98 (about 1/2 of each with a mixture of 95A, 95B 
and 95C)
VNC:            v.3.3.3r7

I recently discovered VNC and have now installed it on all of our 
workstations (35 in total).  During the installation process several of our 
machines (I'd guess about 1/3) failed the Start > Programs > VNC > 
Administatrive Tools > Install Default Registry Settings procedure.  I 
think all of the ones which failed were some flavor of Win95 but there 
might have been a Win98 in there as well.

This does not seem to have affected proper operation of the program on 
those workstations in question.  What exactly does this procedure 
accomplish? and how might the workstations in question not operate 
correctly if the procedure was not successfully executed?


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