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Harmen van der Wal harmen.wal "at"
Thu, 17 Aug 2000 15:40:11 +0000

Kapusta Gerhard wrote:
> Hi Listfolk!
> Probably this question ist not new, but as a new vnc-user I'm now on this
> point:
> - A vnc-server at home works fine and is accessible from anywhere in the
> internet.
> - Accessing the home-PC from a PC within my company's network (including a
> firewall) ist not possible.
> - I have found Harmen van der Wal's work at
>, but I had no success using
> it:
> o Trying to use the "form" I can see the vnc-login screen, but after
> entering a password a security message appears. According to my
> understanding this is a security-feature of netscape or Internet-Explorer. I
> found no way to switch off this security check.

Don't bother. If you'd happen to have an appletviewer (JDK) it wold be
easy to turn of network security restrictions though.

> o Trying to use vncviewer.jar with the sun JRE 1.1 , I always got the
> message "class not found: vncviewer" - I tryed several combinations to
> specify the -cp or -classpath parameter. It seems, that JRE tryes to access
> a directory ".../lib/" and a file "vncviewer.class", which both
> do not exist.
> Does anybody have hints or ideas for this problem?

vncviewer.class is inside the .jar archive. You should be able to run it
after adding it to the classpath.
With the jre, you should have a, that should already be in
your classpath in the first place.

This should work:
jre -classpath
c:\path_to_jre\lib\;c:\path_to_jar\vncviewer.jar vncviewer
host=... port=...etc

Good luck!
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