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Kapusta Gerhard gerhard.kapusta "at"
Thu, 17 Aug 2000 12:19:40 +0000

Hi Listfolk!

Probably this question ist not new, but as a new vnc-user I'm now on this

- A vnc-server at home works fine and is accessible from anywhere in the

- Accessing the home-PC from a PC within my company's network (including a
firewall) ist not possible.

- I have found Harmen van der Wal's work at, but I had no success using

o Trying to use the "form" I can see the vnc-login screen, but after
entering a password a security message appears. According to my
understanding this is a security-feature of netscape or Internet-Explorer. I
found no way to switch off this security check.

o Trying to use vncviewer.jar with the sun JRE 1.1 , I always got the
message "class not found: vncviewer" - I tryed several combinations to
specify the -cp or -classpath parameter. It seems, that JRE tryes to access
a directory ".../lib/" and a file "vncviewer.class", which both
do not exist.

Does anybody have hints or ideas for this problem?


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