changing VNC password. Windows specific.

Kenneth Foster fosterk "at"
Thu, 17 Aug 2000 01:19:34 +0000

not bad, but is the source available.  I wanted to put it into a gui I'm
building for my sysadmins.  That way they could just name a computer, name a
password, and hit go.

Ken Foster

P.S.  Don't know why I didn't see this before.  Maybe just too much stuff in
the list, or I'm a dumb blonde.  I'll let others decide which.


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"Kenneth Foster" <fosterk "at"> wrote:
> I was wondering if anyone had written a remote password changer program?
> couldn't find reference to one in the archives.
> It would work like this, very windows specific spec will follow:
> VB application, so it can be extended easily by my limited skills
> Use the encryption method in the VNC viewer/server
> Support remote and local registry connection ( I have the code for this)
> Interface is simple, two input boxes and a go button.  Box one is password
> desired, second box is name/ip address of the computer.  If it used the
> algorithm as the viewer/server it should, in theory give you the ability
> change the password of the VNC viewer (running as a server) remotely
> having to log in.
> If anyone has written a program like this or would like to please contact
> me, on or off list.  I would like source too as I use a different
> key in my viewer/server.

>From archive at
see the "Updating VNC Password on Win 9x" thread.

It's not fully what you seek but may help. Basically you could generate
locally the content of the password registry key with the encrypted new
password, then change it on the remote comp using RegEdit in remote
editing mode.

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