VNC review in Network Computing article

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Wed, 16 Aug 2000 20:34:08 +0000

Greg Breland <gbreland "at"> wrote:
> This article ran in the August 7 edition of Network Computing.  I am glad to
> see they reviewed it as they had over previous editions reviewed every other
> remote control software on the market.  Very favorable review for VNC,
> although I would have like it if he had stated that is was licensed under
> the GPL.

Personally, I would also have liked it more if it had been a serious
technical article, rather than a journalistic-like unaccurate quick
luser report -- there are various annoying errors/omissions/oddities,
and the short claim that it "opens a security hole", w/o any comment nor
context given, is quite a killing statement IMO.

But since journalists will always be just journalists, I agree it's
still very good to see VNC citated like this.

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