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Wed, 16 Aug 2000 20:33:34 +0000

Andrew Bourdon <powerpenguin "at" techie.com> wrote:
[ To a question about allowing only some IPs to connect to VNC ]
> For this, you'll have to set up and define clients. to do this, right click
> the taskbar icon and select "Add New Client". This tells VNC that it will
> accept Bob at 24.5.654.215 and Sue at, but no one else. If you
> want to kill a "rutheless" client, select "Kill All Clients" from the
> taskbar. Hopefully, in later versions, there will be a way to kill only
> specific users.

Not wanting to be rude nor harsh on you, but please note two things:

1-Your answer is wrong to the question, please RTFM about the AuthHosts
registry setting and the "Add new client" feature...

2-When answering a mail or mailing-list message, keep your message's
subject to
  Re: the-original-subject
or, if really needed, change it to
  A-more-relevant-subject-with-keywords (Was: the-original-subject)
but don't change the subject w/o a reason and to something unrelevant.

While I'm in lecturing mode, and this is for any poster of the list,
could you people posting questions remember to always specify the exact
platform/OS of your VNC server and viewer, as well as the exact version
you run? ("I'm running the latests version" just doesn't qualify.) --
this may look stupid to recall, but I'm finding that really too much
messages in here doesn't tell even those basic informations...

Sorry if that little flame was misplaced...

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