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Wed, 16 Aug 2000 20:33:27 +0000

"Steve O'Brien" <SteveO "at"> wrote:
> I'm trying to change the port on VNC so that I can reach it on 'standard'
> ports.  I changed the regsitry key per the instructions, and am able to
> reach the java client on port 80. However, after entering the password I get
> a " Connection refused" error.  Now I read
> somewhere that the VNC server runs on a second port that also needs to be
> reassigned, however I have yet to find instructions for changing it.  I'd
> like to change it to port 25 so I can past my firewall without having to
> reconfigure the firewall. Can anyone fill me in on what I'm doing wrong?

If the Java client loads from port 80, then it will try to connect to
port 180 (where WinVNC is listening). If you can't open port 180 on
firewall, you'll have to use a port-redirection scheme. Goto
and read all the stuff in the "Both WinVNC and mini-web server on Port
80?" thread...

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