Win16 app fails to receive keystrokes and mouse clicks via vnc

Ingecom - SERRE Jean-Christophe jcs "at"
Wed, 16 Aug 2000 20:33:26 +0000

"Robinson, Neil" <NeilR "at"> wrote:
> Thanks to the help I received here I resolved the problem on NT (by setting
> the use_KeyPress and use_Deferral settings to 0 for ntvdm.exe).
> Unfortunately, the same problem exists on Windows 95 and 98. I have tried
> the same tactic (although I had to add the SB30.EXE key myself, whereas the
> NTVDM.EXE key was already there) but unfortunately, this did not resolve the
> problem on the 9.x platforms. Anyone have any other suggestions?

Download the grreat free utility PrcView (80 KB) from
On your server, start you Win16 app through VNC in "real conditions"
then run PrcView and use the "Process tree" tool: it'll show you running
processes and which one has run or is embedding which other one.

It works really well: on my comp, if I've started my mailer directly, it
is shown as a direct child of explorer.exe -- but if I've started it
from double-clicking WinBiff, then it is shown as a child of
WinBiff.exe, itself a child of explorer.exe

For MS-DOS programs on Win95, the process tree shows they are actually
anonymously embedded in a dedicated "WinOldAp" process, and then the
process list shows that this is really "WINOA386.MOD" -- so this is the
name you would have to set for tweaking VNC hooks in case your app would
be embedded in that too.

Note that all DOS programs shows up as "WinOldAp", so the trick in
PrcView is to open the "Show apps" tool, select an app, and you'll see
the exact corresponding WinOldAp process highlighted in the process view

Else, if your Win16 app is a mere child of explorer.exe, you may try to
set your hook tweaks for the whole explorer.exe and see if...

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