After reboot java screen size to smal

Andreas Schmidt aschmidt "at"
Wed, 16 Aug 2000 14:22:17 +0000

Hi there,

a little Problem comes around which i can't find on the Mailing Archives.

After using VNC 3.3.3R7 on a Windows NT 4 Server for a while, after a reboot
the following happend.

connecting to it, using the Browser, the Browser connects but shows instead
the grey password Windows only a short grey line (which actually is the
applet but with a horrible applet size).

Using the vncviewer i can connect with my passwort but then the same happens
as in the Browser. The size is so small that i only can see a thin short

This also happend a time ago with my win2k Server using 3.3.3R2.
There only reinstalling the whole maschine helped out.

Does anyone had the same Problem before or maybe knows how to fix this.

Thanks for that.

Andreas Schmidt
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