changing VNC password. Windows specific.

Kenneth Foster fosterk "at"
Wed, 16 Aug 2000 03:42:04 +0000

I was wondering if anyone had written a remote password changer program?  I
couldn't find reference to one in the archives.

It would work like this, very windows specific spec will follow:

VB application, so it can be extended easily by my limited skills
Use the encryption method in the VNC viewer/server
Support remote and local registry connection ( I have the code for this)
Interface is simple, two input boxes and a go button.  Box one is password
desired, second box is name/ip address of the computer.  If it used the same
algorithm as the viewer/server it should, in theory give you the ability to
change the password of the VNC viewer (running as a server) remotely without
having to log in.

If anyone has written a program like this or would like to please contact
me, on or off list.  I would like source too as I use a different encryption
key in my viewer/server.


Ken Foster
fosterk "at"
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