VNC for Windows ports?

Steve O'Brien SteveO "at"
Tue, 15 Aug 2000 22:13:16 +0000

{If this seems familiar, it is, I mentioned it late Friday last week, with
no response, so I'm back for a second try}

Is it possible to change the server port in Windows?  Not the display,
rather the port the actual server runs on.  By changing the display to 80,
The server port changes to 180, but I need to make changes a bit more
customized than that.  All I've found is...

"'Many VNC servers use two ports: one for the VNC server, and one for the
HTTP server that provides the Java applet (see previous question). If you
plan to use the Java viewer, you may want to change both. Not all servers
will allow this at present."  [From the FAQ]
Again, changing the display to 80 (via the registry) makes the Java App
available on :80, but the server uses 180.  

Anyone out there have any experience trying this?

Steve O'Brien, MCSE
Systems Administrator
xSides Corporation
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