Help !!!

Ducreux, Antonio Aducreux "at"
Tue, 15 Aug 2000 14:41:42 +0000

Dear VNC Expertises:

I found VNC some time ago and I realized that is the most important tool
that any IT can have nowdays. I have been using this tool with Win2000 as a
server and viewer and I don't have any problems. Also I used VNC with UNIX
as a server and Win2000 as a viewer and also I don4t have any problems.

Last week I tried to used VNC with Win95 as a server and Win2000 as a
viewer, and when I connected by IP, it shows only a black screen. I can move
the mouse around that black screen and thats it, it doesn't show any display
of the server PC. Do I have to made any extra configuration on server PC or
on viewer PC ?. Same thing happens when I used VNC on UNIX as a server and
Win98 as a viewer.

I read all the "VNC FAQ" and not find any suggestions that match with my

I know that you are very busy people, but your comments or suggestions will
help me a lot.

Thanks for your time,

Antonio Ducreux P.
  Elektra Noreste, S.A. IT
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