Java client restrictec to 8 bit???

David W. Chapman Jr. dchapman "at"
Tue, 15 Aug 2000 06:53:40 +0000

The Tridia VNC is a free version of VNC which has commercial support.  If it
doesn't support what you need, then I'm sure they will tailer it to your
needs for a fee.  I run the tridia version because it has built in zlib

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> Notice I said "at least 16 bit" in my first e-mail.  24/32 bit would be
> more appealing.  I'm not sure who Tridia is or why they now call VNC
> as well as AT&T, but the reasons I chose VNC over PCAnywhere or Timbuktu
> the fact that it is free.  To tell you the truth I had never heard of
> until I joined this list.
> So in answer to your question, if I want you to develop this for me for a
> fee, I'm going to have to answer no.  I suppose I'll give the contributed
> server a shot.  Thanks for the information.
> Joe
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> This is not possible in the current version of the Java viewer
> shipped with TridiaVNC and AT&T VNC. There is another Java
> viewer available and it *might* support other color depths.
> I'm not familiar with it:
> The problem is that the viewer only implements an 8-bit color
> model. The RFB protocol says that the client can get any depth
> it wants and the server has to provide it. For one reason or
> the other, no one implemented a 16-bit color model for the Java
> viewer.
> It would probably be easiest to jump straight to a 24/32 bit
> implementation, given the way that color is handled inside the
> JVM. Tridia provides consulting and custom development for
> VNC related technologies. If you are interested in paying for
> this development, please visit our web site:
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