vnc-list-digest V1 #819

Andrew Bourdon powerpenguin "at"
Tue, 15 Aug 2000 03:14:01 +0000

I've got two questions here. First, how can I optimize VNC for Windows 2000
and Debian Linux? When I connect to another computer, the refresh rate is
really slow. I realize this can be caused by network traffic and the amount
of RAM on each of the systems, but are there any tweaks for optimizing the
Second, I've got a question about advocacy. VNC is got to be a one of a kind
system, but not many people know about it. Are there any kind of promotional
banners (gif) or something that I could put on my site (<a
which would put the message out there? I'm going to make VNC this week's
HackFile, as my site is about system tweaking, but after that, people will
forget where to get it.

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