vnc server on solaris

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I'd agree that it doesn't sound like a network issue but best make sure the
VNC server is actually running before we rule it out :-)

I had to put in a little more effort to get VNC on SOlaris running as
opposed to the Win 9x/NT versions.  Firstly, download the binaries for
Solaris 2.5 (they work on Solaris 2.6 and 7, and AFAIK 8).  Un-tar them, and
read the README file on where to put the files.  Go to
and download Perl appropriate for your version of Solaris and do a "pkgadd".
Once Perl is installed it will put the Perl binary in /usr/local/bin and you
will need to edit the vncserver script to point to this location (the 1st
line of the script should read "#!/usr/local/bin/perl" - without the "").

Now you need to make sure xauth is in your path, if not add it like this:
"export PATH=$PATH:/path/to/xauth"

You should now be able to run the VNC server and if all goes well, it will
ask you for a password (if one isn't set) and then you're up an running! :-)
To check type "ps -ef|grep Xvnc|grep -v grep" you should get one line for
each VNC server running on your system.

Good Luck,


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I'm new to the vnc app so bear with me.  I am able to get vnc viewer to go
from my CE device to my NT workstation,
vncviewer to go from NT to NT and the vnc viewer to go from my solaris
workstation to an NT machine. I'm unable to
get the viewer to go from CE/Nt to soalris.  I keep getting an error
message; failed to connect to server.
I can ping the machine, telnet to it so I know that it is not a network

What exactly do I need to do on the solaris side to get things working?  All
I did was to get the binary off the website.
Does the vncserver need to be run by root or any user?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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