www.developvnc.org site completely anonymous

W. Brian Blevins brian "at" tridia.com
Fri, 11 Aug 2000 16:43:09 +0000

The VNC developers spoke and Tridia listened!

We have recently made the developer's web site for TridiaVNC
completely open and anonymous.  There is no longer are
registration required to access most site services.  In
particular, the CVS server information, including an
anonymous userid and password, is now available without
registration at:


The main page of the Developer Zone is accessible at:


Information about the developer's email list is available


There is still a questionaire in front of the source code
archive downloads, but most if not all of the entries are
optional.  If you have any questions about the
DevelopVNC.org web site, please send them to:
feedback "at" developVNC.org.

Thanks for your continued interest in TridiaVNC.

TridiaVNC, the cross-platform, open source, remote control solution.
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