WinVNC - "-connect" command over telnet

Hannes Har hanneshar "at"
Fri, 11 Aug 2000 07:12:39 +0000

Hi to all!!!

I'm new to this list so maybe this toppic was discussed before but I found nothing in the archive.

I have a Windows2000 Pro system behind a firewall. Actually from outside I can establish a telnet session to a Unix server and from 
the Unix server again I make a second Telnet connection to my Windows 2000 PC on which the MS W2K- Telnet Server is 
running. So I have access to the W2K PC from outside. Based on this I'd like to activate WinVNC by the following command line:

winvnc -connect

And this does not work... When I type in this command directly on the W2K PC in a DOS box I can start by this a VNC session on 
the machine (where the VNC viewer is listening), but this does not work when I enter the "winvnc -connect" -command from a telnet session on the W2K PC. I only hear a "ping" from the speaker when I type in the command 
using a telnet session.

Has anybody an idea what I can do to activate such VNC connection from a Telnet session?

Thanks in advance,

:-) Hannes

Hannes Har
hanneshar "at"
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