WinVNC and Java

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Fri, 11 Aug 2000 00:21:42 +0000

Herbert Morales <Herbert.Morales "at"> wrote:
> I try the applet again, observing the sys tray icon on the server side.
> My results:
> I use the disconnect buttom of the applet: the icon becomes white again.
> I close the browse or laod another page: the icon keep black.
> That means in my case thak the client have to use the disconnect buttom,
> otherwise he will keep connected.
> Client and server are running NT4.0. Do you thing I must change some

You can enable MSIE's Options > Advanced "Run in new process" so that,
at least, closing all MSIE windows will remove the ghost applet.

Else try MSIE 5.5 maube, or better put Navigator :-) Navigator's JVM is
slower to start on the first time, but it downloads subclasses zillions
times faster and seems to work better.

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