Not Listening

BEN WAGGONER bwaggoner "at"
Thu, 10 Aug 2000 15:48:17 +0000

Didn't see this addressed in the FAQ:
I am running VNC 3.3.3 R2 across a 10/100 network w/ WinNT servers & Win9x
clients.  All work beautifully, except for one Win98 client that will not
answer.  I get "Failed to connect to server" when trying to access it.
Checking the Win98 client, I see that VNC is installed as a service, has a
password set, and the icon shows up in the system tray, but the tooltip that
displays when I place the cursor over the VNC icon includes the phrase "not
listening."  I do not recall doing anything differently when I installed VNC
on this particular client from when I installed all the others that are
working just fine.  Is there a particular setting I have overlooked?  It
seems this installation of VNC is behaving in a rather feminine manner - how
do I get it to listen to me?  Send it eFlowers?

Ben Waggoner
IS Manager
Autoprod, Inc.
Clearwater, FL
727-571-1197 FAX
bwaggoner "at"
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