WinVNC and Java

Herbert Morales Herbert.Morales "at"
Wed, 09 Aug 2000 10:11:39 +0000

Jonathan Morton wrote:

> >Herbert Morales <Herbert.Morales "at"> wrote:
> >>
> >[ 8< About setting the Java viewer's files on a custom webserver ]
> >>
> >> I read your java.txt and now it works with copying all class and jar
> >> files.
> >>
> >> The reason I use the batch is to hard disconnect the user. I thing,
> >> the applet takes a lot of CPU-time on the server side. Do you think
> >> this is correct? What happens if a client only close the browser
> >> window and don't use the disconnect field of the applet? It is still
> >> connected to the server?
> >
> >>From my experience: nope.
> >
> >While the applet is running, you can close the browser or jump to a
> >bookmark or whatever w/o using the disconnect button: the applet will be
> >notified of its termination and will close connection and do cleanup
> >before shutting down.
> >
> >I've even tested pulling off a computer's power wire while the applet
> >was connected: in that case the server will automatically detect the
> >connection loss after some time (i.e.: I've seen the server's tray icon
> >turn back to "white" less than 30 seconds after client's poweroff). Same
> >thing would apply to the case where the browser or JVM would crash...
> I've seen cases where a Java client would remain connected to it's server
> and answering network queries as to it's existence, for long after the user
> thinks he has destroyed them.  In fact, the user had "reloaded" the page
> containing the applet, and IE had created a new applet without destroying
> the old one.  Note this was not with the VNC applet but an IRC one (I am an
> IRC Operator on a small network, and this incident regularly appears as
> 'clones').  I don't remember whether the clients disconnected when the
> browser was moved completely away from the page, or even when the browser
> window was closed.  Remember Win98 contains large pieces of IE as part of
> the OS, and so IE remains loaded even after closing all windows.
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I try the applet again, observing the sys tray icon on the server side.My
I use the disconnect buttom of the applet: the icon becomes white again.
I close the browse or laod another page: the icon keep black.
That means in my case thak the client have to use the disconnect buttom,
otherwise he will keep connected.
Client and server are running NT4.0. Do you thing I must change some setting?
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