Xvnc Fro SCO Openserver

vincent DEDIEU vincent "at" axel.fr
Wed, 09 Aug 2000 09:09:02 +0000


I attached to this email the file vnc.sco.Z. This compressed tared file

To run vncserver you must have the 'perl' interpretor.

Note: to compile the VNC source code on SCO, please refer to the VNC site
contributions (there is a section dedicated to SCO). Before compiling, you
must check your PATH variable contains "/usr/bin/X11".

I hope this will help you

  Vincent DEDIEU

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Objet : Xvnc Fro SCO Openserver

>Anyone got a binary?  Once upon a time I managed to compile one, but I
>know how I did it or where it went.
>ow I can't get it to compile at all.  Lots of complaints about not being
>able to "make World" in the Xvnc directory.
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[demime 0.97b removed an attachment of type application/x-compress which had a name of vnc.sco.Z]
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