RE(2): Deployment

James ''Wez'' Weatherall jnw22 "at"
Tue, 08 Aug 2000 15:09:29 +0000

Could you write a little script/program which opened the remote registries
from a single, pre-configured machine, and then copied the settings across?
Fundamentally, you will need to have sysadmin access to install and
configure the software, though.

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> I AM a student employed to install VNC on 400 machines....
> The way we've got the settings done, we need registry entries from
> HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT which can only be imported into the registry by an
> administrator or the like (we're running an NT4 server and workstation
> domain).  Has anyone managed to get aroiund this with remote insallations?
> We have 13 offices spread over the UK, and it'd be much easier to install
> over the network than visiting each office. :)
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