Problems with some keys for certain apps under Windows

Paul V. Allen allen "at"
Mon, 07 Aug 2000 22:55:11 +0000

I'm re-posting this for the fourth time in hopes of some help (or at
least indication of any similar experience).  I've seen virtually every
post to this list get some response, except mine - what's up?

When using a windows vnc client controlling a windows PC, certain keys
are not recognized by certain applications. The same keys (in the same
session) are recognized by other applications. When the problem
applications are used locally, they also recognize these keys. Several
of us who use vnc at InterSystems have run into this, and it is
dampening our enthusiasm for this software. (I have searched all vnc
mailing list archives and read all the FAQs and can't find anything
quite like this). These problems have been verified on a variety of
windows versions (NT, 95, 98, 2000).

Problem applications:  Windows version of  Emacs

For Emacs, it is only the <ctrl> <home> and <ctrl><end> keys that aren't
recognized when emacs is controlled by vnc.

For KeaTerm (4.2), it is all the arrow keys. (We also have a proprietary
app that behaves the same as KeaTerm).

Any response, even acknowledgement that this post has  been seen would
be welcome.

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