Jonathan Morton chromi "at"
Mon, 07 Aug 2000 20:35:33 +0000

>I have found someone that is interested in potentially writing the User
>Authentication for VNC.  I have an RFP at
> that details one way
>this could be done.  The way I have described isn't the only way and we
>could come up with a detailed method later after we have committed some
>money to the project.

One Big Problem with your approach there - it relies on SMB, which is
awkward to set up on Linux and near-impossible on Macs.  I'd prefer to use
a simple, TCP-based connection to a server which can be on any platform, or
the option to use a local database file.  Also, some way of implementing
the "username" request would be needed in the RFB protocol itself, which is
_very_ hard to do without breaking compatibility.

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