Recompilation of VNC - FramebufferUpdateRequest

Marcelo Rahal Coutinho report "at"
Mon, 07 Aug 2000 16:41:10 +0000

Dear ALL,

We are looking for a solution using VNC but in order to complete it, we need
a small modification on the vncviewer.

Last week, we have received an email with the solution for the problem ...
on Windows vncviewer, the FramebufferUpdateRequest must be commented so when
we open the software, we will have all the functionalities of vncviewer but
we will not receive the video from vncserver.

Unfortunately, we are facing problems to find someone in Brazil to make this
modification and from our part, we do not have knowledge enough to do that
so, I would like to ask if someone could make us this favor and send it to

Thanks in advance for any help

Marcelo Rahal Coutinho

Technical Support Engineer

Synelec Telecom Multimedia Brasil Ltda.

55 (11) 3044.4038/ 55 (11) 9169.3773
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