VNC and Windows 95

Herbst, Allen HerbstA "at"
Sun, 06 Aug 2000 12:14:20 +0000

I'm not sure of this is any help, but I run WinVNC 3.3.3r1 and 3.3.3r7 on
all sorts of Windows 95 machines, and I've never had the problem you are
describing.  I am able to log in to my Win95 machines almost as soon as they
boot into Windows.

The install process I follow:

1 - run the install program to install VNC
2 - reboot computer
3 - run start>programs>VNC>WinVNC (App Mode)
4 - when it asks me for a password, I type in "password"
5 - I then goto start>run, and type "winvnc -defaultsettings"
6 - when it asks me for a password (again), I type in my real password
7 - run start>programs>VNC>Administrative Tools>Install WinVNC Service
8 - run regedit, and add DWORD values for the AllowProperties=0 and
  a - It's on the web page somewhere, but the values I change are located in
9 - remove the VNC folder from the start menu

This works great for me, and like I said, I probably have every version of
Win95 floating around here.  FWIW, I use the same procedure for Win95,
Win98, and WinNT (altho I have to have local admin rights in NT).

Hope this helps someone!

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> >>So what is the fix? As far as I can tell, you would have to load a
> >>real-mode stack and any other required components in 
> AUTOEXEC.BAT so that
> >>they start on initial bootup. Then I'm guessing VNC should 
> be able to see
> >>the login screen.
> >
> >I wasn't aware that it wasn't seeing it (Windoze is definitely not my
> >primary OS, and this is the first mention of the problem I remember
> >seeing).  I'll try it on my own installation - Win95 OSR2, under the
> >Virtual PC emulator.
> >--------------------------------------------------------------
> >from:     Jonathan "Chromatix" Morton
> I saw the problem mentioned in a few messages earlier this 
> week. Someone
> described not being able to connect/see the other computer 
> until the first
> login is made. One other mentioned that he could see it on 
> reboot but not
> on initial login also. I'm assuming (you know where that gets 
> you) they
> were trying to login using VNC to get that computer up and 
> running. That's
> why I did a little quick research. If I'm wrong, I apologize 
> and please
> correct me.
> If I'm close, maybe it will explain it to those that are having the
> problem. Then they would have to figure out how to get past 
> the initial
> login without having to go all the to the remote computer.
> Regards and thanks for the reply,
> Ed Schaperjahn
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