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Herbert Morales <Herbert.Morales "at"> wrote:
[ 8< About setting the Java viewer's files on a custom webserver ]
> Jean: I tried, but dont succes.

You must have forgotten some files or something, it's something that
works. I've put online a reader-enabled summary of my notes about
VNC/Java/etc. at:

The way to do that is in point #1...

> So I did a trick: In a Visual Basic programm I have a timer of 10
> minutes interval and it executes the folowing cmd-file:
> @echo off
> cd \Program Files\ORL\Vnc
> winvnc.exe -kill
> net start winvnc > nul

VB? You could do it simply using the SLEEP.EXE utility from NTRK
  <your stuff>
  SLEEP 600
  GOTO Disconnect
or, similarly, using SOON.EXE at the end of the batch so that it always
schedules itself for being executed again N seconds in the future.

> Ok, the connection is interruped by a short time and the user have to
> reload the brower again.

The annoying thing here is that vnc is restarted independantly of the
user's session: one could connect in the applet and then be possibly
forcefully disconnected just a few seconds later -- it is not a
"disconnection after N minutes of use".

OTOH, the good point is that it's not possible to cheat, if those
repeated disconnections are important for you. Using a browser-driven
META-refresh scheme, it's always possible for someone really wanting it
to avoid being disconnected...

> Curiosly: The sys tray icon disappar, but VNC works fine again.

That's nothing curious: after restarting WinVNC service on NT you have
to rerun the Service Helper, i.e.:
  winvnc.exe -servicehelper
so as to make trayicon come back. More importantly, while you don't do
that, WinVNC will use your "Default settings" (especially the password)
instead of "User settings".

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