Development (was Re: LOGGING!!)

W. Brian Blevins brian "at"
Fri, 04 Aug 2000 13:32:47 +0000


> > Right now, the site requires that one sign
> > up as a TridiaVNC developer to access the email list (and the
> > archives).  However, this registration step is completely free
> > and open to anyone who is interested.  You do have to be a
> > member of the developer list or the digest in order to post
> > to the list.  However, there is no moderator for the developer
> > list.
> All well and good, but signing up as a TridiaVNC developer requires
> more information than a valid email address. (Only allowing those
> subscribed to post is fine though.)

This is true, currently.

> I've heard people resenting the fact that you have to sign up as a
> developer in order to look at the CVS repository too.  As far as I
> remember you don't have anonymous CVS access, which would be nice.

Actually, there *is* anonymous access to the CVS repository.
One simply can not access the connection information without
signing up as a TridiaVNC developer.  So, it is not completely
anonymous, but does not require any special login or other

> Tim.
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