Development (was Re: LOGGING!!)

W. Brian Blevins brian "at"
Thu, 03 Aug 2000 19:38:58 +0000


> > Full instructions for accessing the CVS tree are available 
> > there. We are running a separate developer's email list 
> > as well. 
> It isn't exactly an open list though, is it? :-( 

I'm not clear on the distinction between an open and a closed
list.  If you could enlighten me on the differences, benefits
and drawbacks, maybe I could work towards some improvement of
our site and configuration.  We are certainly very interested
in feedback concerning the developer web site and services.

We have invested considerable resources in the CVS server, web
server, email lists, zlib enhancements, new installer and such.
We are not interested in preventing anyone from participating
in the advancement of VNC.  On the contrary, our success long
term *depends on* input and help from the community.

Right now, the site requires that one sign
up as a TridiaVNC developer to access the email list (and the
archives).  However, this registration step is completely free
and open to anyone who is interested.  You do have to be a
member of the developer list or the digest in order to post
to the list.  However, there is no moderator for the developer

> Tim. 
> */ 

Thanks for your reply.

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