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W. Brian Blevins brian "at"
Thu, 03 Aug 2000 17:23:53 +0000


> I can handle the programming, it's getting a more organised
> development that I want help with. A CVS tree?

There is a CVS tree for VNC running on our developer web

Full instructions for accessing the CVS tree are available
there.  We are running a separate developer's email list
as well.

Tridia is working on integrating a large number of enhancements
into a central tree.  Our current focus is maintaining compatibility
with the RFB 003.003 protocol.  This is why we implemented zlib
compression as a new encoding.

> > And yes, I think the forking process of
> > VNC is getting more than a touch out of hand - I can count at least half a
> > dozen WinVNC's and three Xvnc's, all based directly on the AT&T source.
> > Someone really needs to get their head down and integrate all the features
> > into one version for each platform, espeically if it isn't going to be much
> > bigger than the 'standard' version.

Exactly, enhancements such as the iXvnc (inetd) update only minimally
impact the executable size but provide a significant functional benefit.

> OK, I'll mail you and fill you in on why it'd be useful for me,
> and why there could possibly be funding for it.

Are you interested in doing the development or having it done
by someone else?  Tridia provides consulting services related

> > The other aspect to remember is
> > that many of the decent audio-compression formats are proprietary or
> > patented, and thus not amenable to the GPL.
> As Jens said - Ogg Vorbis!
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