Excel dies on NT machine running VNC -- Help???

Ingecom - SERRE Jean-Christophe jcs "at" ingecom.com
Thu, 03 Aug 2000 12:36:56 +0000

<Martin.Backe "at" HSC.com> wrote:
> Thanks for the suggestions. I disabled all of the registry entries for
> Excel, to no avail. And to answer your first question, Excel crashes
> just because the VNC server is running. Nobody is logged-in at the
> time. Unfortunately this means we're going to have to move from the
> virtual to the physical. Oh well.

Too bad... One last thing you could try: stop VNC service, then restart
it -- this mean that now, WinVNC is running w/o the serviceHelper nor
its tray icon -- then retry your Excel crash-test so as to see if that

(Under Win98, I've seen a program crashing iff Microsoft's PWS trayicon
helper was displayed.)

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