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Luis Paiva <luis.paiva "at"> wrote:
> I have been using VNC in my lan without any problem. Now i have been
> trying to use it to connect to my home from my Lan. In between i have
> a proxy. As i understood the proxy accepts connections from the inside
> clients in port 8080 and redirects them to port 80. So, i have to say
> to VNC to use the proxy server as the gateway to the internet. In
> internet explorer and most of the ftp clients, i have a way to
> configure it, but i don't know how to do it with VNC.

This is probably just a web/ftp proxy, VNC can't use that. You somehow
need a real TCP/IP connection to the outside (I reckon your comp is on a
pseudo LAN address w/o a gateway set up). Various ways are:

-Ask your admin if you can get a NAT mapping between your comp and an
external IP of your proxy/gateway, at least opened just for reaching
your home comp.

-Ask your admin if your proxy supports SOCKS; if so, you can use the
free SOCKScap utility from
so as to 'socksify' your vncviewer.exe and connect it to the outside (it
may require your admin to allow port 5900 in SOCKS, and possibly provide
you a SOCKS login:password if that's SOCKS-5 instead of SOCKS-4).

-Check if your web proxy supports the CONNECT feature, then you could
use the free utility HTTPort from
so as to connect to the outside (note that normally your proxy should
NOT support that or have it enabled :-)

-Else, you have to use a modem and an ISP connection for that purpose...

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