WinVNC and Java

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Thu, 03 Aug 2000 12:36:41 +0000

Herbert Morales <Herbert.Morales "at"> wrote:
> I am using WinVNC on WinNT machines with the java applet
> ( So I want to permit to stay the java
> viewer only a limited time, lets say 10 minutes on the machine and
> then to change to another html document. You know some solutions?

Possible if you set up your own webserver on the comp (on any available
port, not necessarily 80 or 5800) and fill its wwwroot dir with the HTML
connect page and VNC java classes provided with the VNC sources.

At that point you'll emulate what is delivered by WinVNC on port 5800
(but is harcoded and can't be changed) and you'll be able to customize
the index.html page for the Java connection, so as to add a META-refresh
tag in it, that will automatically reload a new URL after your specified
amount of time...

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