Radmin 2.01

Dmitry Znosko swrus "at" famatech.com
Thu, 03 Aug 2000 10:59:06 +0000

Hello, VNC peoples.

First of all, I want to say 'thank you' to all peoples, who comes from this list
and help me much in my development of Remote Administrator one year ago.

I see, that VNC tnings aren't changed much till passed year ...
That year I was adding additional functionality to the speed of Remote
Administrator 1.11.

Now, I am glad to present you Remote Administrator 2.01
Some of new features:
- File transfer manager.
- NT user level security support.
- Server can accepts multiple remote screen connections at one time.
- 128 bit strong crypto in password check and data encryption.
- Scaling mode of the viewer's remote screen window.
- Clipboard transfers
- Remote shutdown feature.
- 16 color (4bit per pixel)  network transfer mode.
- "/stop" command - kills all running Radmin servers on the computer.
- Optional 'Incoming connection' dialog box on server side.
- Optional Tray icon on server side with computer IP address tip and
  current connection list. Tray icon changes its state when some active
  connection persist. Also notification beep is made when some user connects
  to the server.
- 'Ctrl-Alt-F12' hotkey sends Ctrl-Alt-Del to the remote computer
- Complete help is added to the viewer.
- Multilanguage support
- Win2000 support.

I think, I the authors of VNC are doing great work.
I invite you to look on Remote Administrator and decide, does it have any useful
features to incorporate to VNC.

Windows version only (sorry, unix peoples).

Yours sincerely,
Author of Remote Administrator, Dmitry Znosko
Mail dmitry "at" famatech.com
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