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Illtud Daniel illtud.daniel "at"
Thu, 03 Aug 2000 10:34:50 +0000

Jonathan Morton wrote:

>Illtud wrote:

> >I'm interested in adding syslog capability to VNC, but I'm
> >not sure how to go about it

> I've no idea how syslog works "under the bonnet", since I have virtually
> zero UNIX programming experience.

I can handle the programming, it's getting a more organised
development that I want help with. A CVS tree?

> And yes, I think the forking process of
> VNC is getting more than a touch out of hand - I can count at least half a
> dozen WinVNC's and three Xvnc's, all based directly on the AT&T source.
> Someone really needs to get their head down and integrate all the features
> into one version for each platform, espeically if it isn't going to be much
> bigger than the 'standard' version.

Could this be a job for Sourceforge?
Essentially they host Open Source development projects, giving
various helpful resources. To pick a random project that they
- so you see there's patch management, bug tracking, documentation
managment etc. etc.
> >I'm also interested in adding audio capabilities,

> The chief problem is that audio is necessarily a real-time system, where a
> specified bandwidth _has_ to be available or the results will be unusable.
> This bandwidth can be made smaller by reducing the quality, or by
> compressing the stream using, say, MPEG Layer 2 or 3 - the latter choice is
> extremely CPU intensive and would require a 200MHz CPU or better on the
> server end to function at all in real-time, and it'd still need a 2-channel
> ISDN or better to get anything approaching CD audio across.  Multiple
> sessions of this, travelling across the average LAN, will be guaranteed to
> make your netadmin cringe.  It'd be a nice geek toy, but totally
> inappropriate for the Internet or for the office.

How so? Streaming audio doesn't create a problem anywhere that I
know of. You'd get buffering lag (quite serious buffering lag) but
for what I need, that's not a problem.

> I think we need to consider the reasons why we'd want something like this,
> and then try to implement it as a separate protocol.

OK, I'll mail you and fill you in on why it'd be useful for me,
and why there could possibly be funding for it.

> The other aspect to remember is
> that many of the decent audio-compression formats are proprietary or
> patented, and thus not amenable to the GPL.

As Jens said - Ogg Vorbis!

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