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Jonathan Morton chromi "at"
Wed, 02 Aug 2000 22:14:39 +0000

>> I've no idea how syslog works "under the bonnet", since I have virtually
>> zero UNIX programming experience.  And yes, I think the forking process of
>> VNC is getting more than a touch out of hand - I can count at least half a
>> dozen WinVNC's and three Xvnc's, all based directly on the AT&T source.
>> Someone really needs to get their head down and integrate all the features
>> into one version for each platform, espeically if it isn't going to be much
>> bigger than the 'standard' version.
>You're right, it would be much better to have all patches integrated in
>the main branch. A bigger problem arises with the protocol fork's (e.g.
>zlib compression).
>It's very important to have an official protocol with all extensions

Roll on "RFB 003.004\n"...

>> I think we need to consider the reasons why we'd want something like this,
>> and then try to implement it as a separate protocol.  If this works out, it
>> could be eventually integrated into VNC so that the same applications are
>> serving/receiving both protocols at once.  The other aspect to remember is
>> that many of the decent audio-compression formats are proprietary or
>> patented, and thus not amenable to the GPL.
>That's right, but at least ogg vorbis is available under the (L)GPL.
>It would be nice to have an extension that allows 'plug-in-streams', so
>other protocols could be tunneled, e.g. for filetransfer, sound,
>printing and so on.

I think that's an idea for "RFB 004.000\n"...

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