Corel draw 9 redraws too much

Mark Burton markb "at"
Wed, 02 Aug 2000 21:12:51 +0000


I am using the latest releases of vncviewer on Linux and winvnc on NT
4 (SP3) and have come across a problem with Corel Draw 9.

The corel draw canvas area is continuously redrawn when a vnc client
is displaying the NT screen. The task manager says that corel draw is
using about 95 100% of cpu. When the client disconnects the redrawing
stops. I am sure that I have recently used corel draw with vnc without
this behaviour occurring so I don't understand what has gone wrong.

I am using the default registry settings (use_deferal = 1 and
use_timer = 0)

Other windows apps don't behave like this, most work just fine with
the odd update glitch now and again.

Any ideas anyone?


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