Xvnc XINPUT bug??

Jonathan Morton chromi "at" cyberspace.org
Wed, 02 Aug 2000 21:11:10 +0000

>I have a problem with a proprietary X application where a right click in a
>certain window
>frame is supposed to bring up a pull down menu with zoom-in and zoom-out
>buttons. When running the application on the Xvnc server, this right click
>does not work in this particular window, but right, middle, and left
>buttons work as
>expected everywhere else. (The application is the Kratos Vision2
>Processing package that allows
>analysis of results from experiments on an Axis surface analysis instrument)


>Both of these applications work as expected on local Xservers and when
>displayed to
>remote Xservers (including hummingbird's product for the PC) We loose the
>of multiple viewers accessing the same data this way though.

Try running Hummingbird with the app, and run WinVNC on that PC.  That
should be a usable workaraound for the time being.

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