Xvnc XINPUT bug??

Shaun T O'leary shaun "at" pnl.gov
Wed, 02 Aug 2000 20:56:00 +0000


I have a problem with a proprietary X application where a right click in a certain window
frame is supposed to bring up a pull down menu with zoom-in and zoom-out
buttons. When running the application on the Xvnc server, this right click function
does not work in this particular window, but right, middle, and left buttons work as
expected everywhere else. (The application is the Kratos Vision2 Processing package that allows
analysis of results from experiments on an Axis surface analysis instrument)

I've also found that netscape 4.73 under Redhat 6.2, Irix 6.5, and Solaris 2.6 has a similar
problem when running on the Xvnc server- when using composer or the mail editor and
attempting to do a copy and paste  operation, text can be selected with a left drag across the
text followed by a right click to bring up a pull-down menu. Copy is selected from the
pull-down menu, and when the cursor is repositioned, a right click will bring down a pull
down menu to allow a paste.

The above operation is not possible with netscape running on an Xvnc 3.3.3 server-
the initial copy will work, but subsequent right clicks in that window pane produce
only a flash of the wristwatch cursor and NO pull-down menu. (Netscape does have
several other ways to work-around this problem to copy and paste text, but my proprietary
application does not)...

Is this a bug that anybody is are aware of ?


My test systems are a RedHat 6.2 intel box, an Irix 6.5.8 Octane, and a Solaris 2.6 UltraII.

The binaries for Solaris and linux were downloaded from the vnc website, and the Irix binaries
were built from the current source. I've tested the remote viewing of both netscape and
the Kratos application on all 3 of the servers , and all three exhibit the same problem.
(We first tested across several vnc viewers on different platforms- the problem was
noted in all of them while viewing the Xvnc server).

Both of these applications work as expected on local Xservers and when displayed to
remote Xservers (including hummingbird's product for the PC) We loose the functionality
of multiple viewers accessing the same data this way though.

I also tested several different window managers (CDE, 4DWM, twm) and the problem
existed with all of the window managers.

Following some xshooting advice from the mailing list, I also ran Xvnc
without a window manager: with Xvnc launching my problem application where I
would test the applications without  a window manager running.



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