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Jonathan Morton chromi "at"
Wed, 02 Aug 2000 20:28:50 +0000

>> Is there any way to get VNC to keep a log of what users where attached to a
>> perticular machine?  I noticed VNC doesn't seem to have any type of logging
>> capabilities.
>I'm interested in adding syslog capability to VNC, but I'm
>not sure how to go about it - that is, I can handle the coding
>(but somebody would probably have to tidy it up) but I'd rather
>have input from other developers (since VNC seems to be forking
>rather alarmingly) rather than distribute a patch. Is there
>a seperate dev-list? Should there be?

I've no idea how syslog works "under the bonnet", since I have virtually
zero UNIX programming experience.  And yes, I think the forking process of
VNC is getting more than a touch out of hand - I can count at least half a
dozen WinVNC's and three Xvnc's, all based directly on the AT&T source.
Someone really needs to get their head down and integrate all the features
into one version for each platform, espeically if it isn't going to be much
bigger than the 'standard' version.

>I'm also interested in adding audio capabilities, but I know
>that this one is waaay beyond my expertise (I'm a BOFH, not
>a hacker!). I *might* have a source of funding for this,
>but again, I don't know where to start the discussion.

I think audio-over-VNC is a bit of a problem, from a tech point of view.
The chief problem is that audio is necessarily a real-time system, where a
specified bandwidth _has_ to be available or the results will be unusable.
This bandwidth can be made smaller by reducing the quality, or by
compressing the stream using, say, MPEG Layer 2 or 3 - the latter choice is
extremely CPU intensive and would require a 200MHz CPU or better on the
server end to function at all in real-time, and it'd still need a 2-channel
ISDN or better to get anything approaching CD audio across.  Multiple
sessions of this, travelling across the average LAN, will be guaranteed to
make your netadmin cringe.  It'd be a nice geek toy, but totally
inappropriate for the Internet or for the office.

I think we need to consider the reasons why we'd want something like this,
and then try to implement it as a separate protocol.  If this works out, it
could be eventually integrated into VNC so that the same applications are
serving/receiving both protocols at once.  The other aspect to remember is
that many of the decent audio-compression formats are proprietary or
patented, and thus not amenable to the GPL.

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