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Jonathan Morton chromi "at"
Wed, 02 Aug 2000 18:33:18 +0000

>     I have (attempted?) installed the server software and the viewer
>     software on my two macs currently connected to one another.  The
>     server software on a Performa 6400, 16 MB, OS 8.1 system, and the
>     viewer software on a Powerbook G3 128 MB OS 9.0 system.
>     Neither appears to work.  I have read the faq and have not obtained
>     any help on the particular problems.
>     The network is connected (running Softrouter) and have communicated
>     back and forth.  Installing Timbuktu demo obtained splendid results.
>     Am pursuing this both for my own home network and an article I am
>     writing for solo practitioners and small firms who wish to maintain a
>     small network.
>     When running Viewer, window appears asking for connection.  I assume
>     from what I read that I would put "Lyceum:5800" where lyceum is the
>     name of the server computer (and that Timbuktu is able to connect
>     with).
>     PROBLEM 1:  When I click "Show Options", what I believe to be the
>     option screen appears for a split second and then the screen and the
>     window box for the connection disappear altogether.
>     PROBLEM 2:  From the server side, I get strange dialog box when I
>     choose options that only has "^0" contained within.
>     Under either scenario, the computer does not crash.  However, I simply
>     can't proceed.  Could someone please assist me in working through the
>     problems and errors that I have undoubtedly made?

Doesn't sound like you did much wrong.  The AT&T software just doesn't seem
to work on many configurations.  Go to
for a working server, and look down the Contributions page for "MacOS
(alternative)" viewer, done by Purple Shark.  I am also in the process of
writing a new Server based on the more vital snippets of an old AT&T
server, and may progress to a new Viewer too.

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