Mac OS difficulties - options Charles_Mudd "at"
Wed, 02 Aug 2000 17:50:56 +0000

     I have (attempted?) installed the server software and the viewer 
     software on my two macs currently connected to one another.  The 
     server software on a Performa 6400, 16 MB, OS 8.1 system, and the 
     viewer software on a Powerbook G3 128 MB OS 9.0 system.
     Neither appears to work.  I have read the faq and have not obtained 
     any help on the particular problems.
     The network is connected (running Softrouter) and have communicated 
     back and forth.  Installing Timbuktu demo obtained splendid results.
     Am pursuing this both for my own home network and an article I am 
     writing for solo practitioners and small firms who wish to maintain a 
     small network.
     When running Viewer, window appears asking for connection.  I assume 
     from what I read that I would put "Lyceum:5800" where lyceum is the 
     name of the server computer (and that Timbuktu is able to connect 
     PROBLEM 1:  When I click "Show Options", what I believe to be the 
     option screen appears for a split second and then the screen and the 
     window box for the connection disappear altogether.
     PROBLEM 2:  From the server side, I get strange dialog box when I 
     choose options that only has "^0" contained within.
     Under either scenario, the computer does not crash.  However, I simply 
     can't proceed.  Could someone please assist me in working through the 
     problems and errors that I have undoubtedly made?
     Thank you
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