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>I have been using VNC 3.3.3r1 (on Solaris) over our in-house network for
>weeks now and found it to be a very good tool. A colleague now wants to use it
>over an ISDN (64 kbit) line and we are concerned that the low connection speed
>will make VNC unusable in its 'out of the box' configuration.
>I have searched the archives of this list - some people say ISDN lines are
>enough while others disagree.
>What is the truth ?
>Please can anyone advise me on the best configuration options (I have wondered
>about -8bit and -deferupdate)

ISDN should be enough, provided you take some basic speed-enhancement
precautions.  First, turn off the desktop background/pattern and set your
desktop size/depth to be not-so-large (8-bit is a good idea).  Second, make
sure you have left Hextile, CopyRect and CoRRE switched on.  Thirdly, don't
expect it to be blazingly fast - be prepared to wait a second or two for
everything to catch up.  VNC works surprisingly well over low-bandwidth
connections, I've successfully used it over a 14.4k modem across the
Atlantic and America.  Experiment with the options until you find the best
ones for you and your connection.

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