ximtool under .vnc, ssol 2.6 & win 95

Motallebi, Habib habib.motallebi "at" lmco.com
Tue, 01 Aug 2000 22:08:41 +0000


I am running vncserver on the ssol 2.6 and vncviewer on the windows 95.
I start the vncserver with added "ximtool &" right below the "xterm ..."
in the "xstartup" file in the .vnc in my home directory. As soon as log in 
remotely i left click to create "ximtool" window. It gets created momntarily
but it crashes ang goes away suddenty. In "xterm" there is no problem.
How do i fix this problem so that i can use stable "ximtool"  under the
Please let me know.

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