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Giorgos Petasis petasis "at"
Wed, 10 Mar 1999 07:41:31 +0000

In Thu, 04 Mar  1999, you wrote:
> I just installed KDE on my Sun under Solaris 2.6.  (By the way, it was
> about the easiest install I've ever done--packages downloaded via the
> site installed with pkgadd -d.)  I wanted to run KDE under
> vnc.  Simply changing the last line of my ~/.vnc/xstartup file to kwm
> instead of twm or olwm didn't do it.
> I read some earlier posts about this, but they also didn't quite do it for
> me.  Those earlier posts said that I needed to execute the startkde
> script in the ~/.vnc/xstartup file as follows:
> sh /usr/local/kde/bin/startkde &
> kpanel &
> kwm &
> Of course, one must adjust the path for one's system.  After that didn't
> work, I looked at the startkde file and found this line:
> DISPLAY=`hostname`:0.0
> Is that a necessary line?  Anyway, I copied the startkde file to my .vnc
> directory, edited the above line as follows,
> DISPLAY=`hostname`:1.0
> changed the path in xstartup to point to the new startkde file, and I
> launched vncserver :1.  This time it worked.  What a gorgeous interface!
> I do have two questions.  Is there a way to do this better?  I don't want
> to be limited to using :1, or to writing multiple startkde files.  Can we
> just leave off the DISPLAY= line in the startkde file?  Can we pass the
> DISPLAY string to kde some other way?  I assume the issues are the same
> for Linux as for Solaris.
> Finally, is there anyplace where the xstartup file is explained in detail?
> I'm a relative novice and could use some basics on what the xstartup is
> doing.
> Thanks very much.  I love this product!
> Mike
Hi there,
I have been using KDE under Vnc on Solaris 2.6 for about 1 year, and
I can possible provide some help on this matter.
First of all, you said that you downloaded some packages for Solaris,
so I assume that you are using KDE 1.0. (I haven't heard about
packages for KDE 1.1. Currently, I am using KDE 1.1...)

I have never used the ready packages for Solaris, I have compiled
both KDE 1.0 and KDE 1.1 on my own. And I assure you that THERE IS NO
DISPLAY SETTING in the startkde script. The startkde script that
comes with KDE 1.0 is the following: (kaudioserver and kwmsound where
commented by me, because they don't work under Solaris :))

#kaudioserver &
#kwmsound &
kfm &
kcontrol -init &
kbgndwm &
krootwm &
kpanel &

Vnc correctly sets the DISPLAY variable to the proper display, and
KDE read this and initializes properly. So you just have to remove
any DISPLAY setting. Also, as you can see, kpanel and kwm are already
called by this script, so by calling them twice, you only add load in
your system, as they both recognize that they already are running and
quit after a while. So the only call you need to have in the
vnc xstartup file is "sh /usr/local/kde/bin/startkde &"
I hope that I answered your questions :)
My current vnc configuration is somewhat more complicated: When Vnc
starts, It displays a selection window (script implemented in tcl/tk)
from where the user can sellect what session to launch among KDE, CDE
and Openwindows. Then it succesfully starts the selected session.
Both KDE and CDE run without any problems under Vnc. The only problem
with the Openwindows session is the absence of Adobe Postscript
Display driver form the vnc Xserver (Xvnc) which prevents some
applications (notably the ones that treat documentation..) from
running. If anybody has a solution, or if anybody want any of these
scripts, I am glad to provide them.

One final question: In the KDE Solaris packages, are you able to open
*.tar.gz files with the window manager? I mean, if you click on
them, did you get the contents or just an empty window???
Best regards,
George Petasis.  

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