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Fri, 30 Oct 1998 20:01:13 +0000

"Luis B. Almeida" wrote:

> As I said, I've tried putting zlib compression in the windows version.
> What I found was that the best is to use zlib on top of hextile (and
> this is significantly better than zlib on top of raw). 

OK - that's interesting. We assumed that compressing twice would be
pointless, but we hadn't yet had a chance to check that.

> In the next version, you might consider allowing people to choose zlib
> compression on top of any of your existing compression schemes. Instead
> of being one more option for compression alongside the other ones, the
> choice of zlib / no zlib would be independent from the choice among the
> existing schemes.

Yes, that's obviously the right thing to do, and the same goes for
That would be a more substantial change to the protocol, though, and
we were planning to leave that until protocol version 4, if we ever go
that far!

> I did not announce my version with compression because I thought yours
> would be out soon, and mine is very crude (e.g. it always uses
> compression, and thus is not compatible with the normal, uncompressed
> version). 

I presume you've seen the version Dave DeBarr did in August, which is
on the contribs page?

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